When you choose Rub For Grub, you are truly getting a Championship RUB!  Junior's Rub for Grub is a complete and balanced seasoning that is perfect for PitMasters and casual backyard barbecue cooks alike. The Mission for Junior's Rub for Grub: "To be some of the elite rubs for the competition crowd as well as for backyard cooks."  Junior's Rub for Grub has caused quite the stir over the years! Our popular rub was named for several awards, and our owner and master chef Junior Urias was featured on several cooking television programs and his food was showcased all over the world, including Sweden.

The Secret Ingredient for Delicious BBQ

Junior's rub for grub

• Winner of the NBBQA Awards of Excellence, 2014 and 2015

• Over 200 Grand Champions

• Over 300 Reserved Grand Champions 

• Multiple Top Ten Finishes

•Multiple Wins at The American Royal

• Wins at The Jack Daniels Invitation

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